Vegas Luxury Model

Tara Michelle

Vegas Luxury Model

You can be too boring, but you can never be too seductive

Donatella Versace

Our eyes lock for the first time, causing both to pause and smile enjoying the moment. initially attracted to my long blonde hair and ultra feminine curves, my green eyes and  perfect smile to match now have you entranced. My long blonde hair down to my back follows me while I strut over to get closer.  Finally standing near one another, you realize I’m real and just the girl you were looking for Tara Michelle.

As we get to know each other, you come to find out that I’m originally from Europe (Yes, I do speak three languages fluently). You are shocked and ask why there is no accent, I say simple, I grew up on the west coast with the most beautiful out doors and beaches you’ll ever see… a real California girl.

I’ve studied many subjects, but my main interests are fitness, communications and fashion.  You’ll find that I’m selective with whom I share my time, and fill my social circle with genuine and driven individuals.

Our engagement comes to a close, you plot how to spend more time together. You imagine drinks at an intimate bar or lounge or a dinner at the most upscale restaurant or just a simple pizza joint; or even just laughing over a cup of coffee. When we say our temporary goodbyes, we hold on to our memories until next time…

Tara xoxo

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